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Chunghwa Telecom provides both 4G LTE and UMTS systems in Taiwan, integrating the characteristics of both for better services. Using a dual-mode mobile phone with a Chunghwa Telecom  number, you can enjoy the widest communication coverage by co-locating the two systems no matter where you are—in the city or out in the suburban districts. Through these two well-established networks with their full-island coverage, we provide you with the highest-quality voice communication and internet service. In addition, our various value-added services will bring the best entertainment to you.

i. 4G Services

Chunghwa Telecom 4G is the Most Chosen Telecom Brand in Taiwan offering providing extensive, high-quality Internet service with 100% 4G coverage in every township of Taiwan.

Chunghwa Telecom's 4G Advantage

  • The first to obtain 35MHz; the broadest 4G bandwidth: Chunghwa Telecom is the first telecom to obtain the 35MHz band—the broadest 4G bandwidth in May 2014. We are also the first carrier in Taiwan to use the relatively-interference-free 1800MHz band, leading Taiwan into the new 4G generation of telecom services. 
  • 900+1800MHz high-speed 4G dual frequency: high and low frequencies together build up maximum depth and breadth of coverage. Chunghwa Telecom's 900+1800MHz 4G high-speed dual frequency service relies on high and low frequencies paired to provide the greatest coverage, the best indoor signal, excellent system capacity, and premium Internet browsing speeds!
  • The broadest coverage in Taiwan: the only "4G in every township" network Chunghwa Telecom's 4G has base stations located throughout all counties and cities in Taiwan, as far as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and 368 townships. We are the sole carrier to achieve "4G in every township". 
  • The fastest speeds and most stable signal according to actual measurements by Apple Daily, Next Magazine, and ETtoday! Chunghwa Telecom's 4G service offers the broadest coverage, fastest download and upload speeds, and most stable signal, as proven by actual tests conducted by a number of media companies. We are Taiwan's 4G pioneer, and provides customers superior mobile living. 
  • Providing the most cell phone choices: By providing wide range of 4G cell phones, Chunghwa Telecom satisfies customers' varied needs!
  • The largest network in Taiwan with ultra-reasonable data charges: Chunghwa Telecom possesses the largest mobile communication network in Taiwan, creating the greatest intra-network calling discount!
  • Enriching life through added value: With our 4G LTE’s full coverage and premium network service, you can enjoy superior video, music, navigation, and game content!

ii. Basic Services

Short Message Service
You can use your handset to receive and send short Chinese or English messages. Short messages can be delivered to and among any Taiwan Mobile operators and also sent abroad. For Chunghwa Telecom Mobile customers, receiving short messages is free. Sending short messages intranet costs 1.1287 NT dollars per message. Sending them to a different net in Taiwan costs 1.4803 NT dollars; international short messages cost 5 NT dollars per message.

Tariffs Monthly Fee Free Intra-network Messages
(per month)
Free Inter-network Messages
(per month)
Type 1 NT$19 15 15
Type 2 NT$39 33 33
Type 3 NT$99 85 85
Type 4 NT$199 175 175
Type 5 NT$299 275 275



  • Free messages may be sent both intra-net and inter-net (between different nets) within Taiwan.
  • In excess (over month limit), intra-net charges 1.1287 NT dollars per message, different net in Taiwan charges 1.4803 NT dollars per message.

Music Channel Service
Emome music portal provides thousands of music items for you to enjoy. No matter what kind of music you like—Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, or English songs—you can find it quickly and easily through the Music channel`s powerful search engine. With our phone you only need a few seconds to download any music items; you will have access to true tone, mixed tone, ring-back tone, full track, music delivery, MV, the hottest stars` wallpaper and their news stories.

Darling (Ring-Back Tone) Service
Subscribers can choose a ring-back tone to let callers hear and enjoy the selected piece of music while waiting for someone to answer. Chunghwa Telecom's customers can dial 700 on their handset to subscribe to this service. You can also dial 700, then dial 0 and say which song you like. We have a massive collection of more than 40,000 songs from 10 categories: Pop Mandarin Songs, Mandarin Collections, Asian Songs, Western Songs, Jazz & Classical Music, Cartoon & Game Songs, Jokes, Celebrity Quotes, Natural & New Age & Religious Songs, and Festival Songs.

MMS Service
The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows messages to contain pictures, audio clips, text and video. Users can send all kinds of interesting and colorful multimedia messages to their friends via MMS-enabled handsets.

Incoming Call Greeting Service
This practical service lets you greet or give information to each person calling you. Callers will receive a message sent by you; it shows up immediately on the caller's handset screen without any extra operation. Therefore, you can arrange any text messages, jokes, greetings, or product information you like, and even use this as your personal e-card.