Data broadcasting

Data broadcasting service enables the enterprise to send a large amount of text messages via www.emome.net website to the target customers` mobile phones on special occasions or event marketing. This system is easy to operate and offers preset group/member list for sending the messages to individuals or groups; a sent message history look up function is also available.

SNS, Short Number Service

SNS (Short Number Service) provides the operation platform for sending text messages between internet and mobile phone. Since this platform provides both sending and receiving between internet and mobile phone, related software can also be developed to apply in any industry. Clients can send complex,messages, a series of black and white or colored pictures, voices, or ring tones through SMS, MMS and WAP Push functions. This service can meet the needs of the business customers, system integrators, and content providers. The clients can develop their own application program after rental and send out messages to CHT or other telecom users.