Mobile Virtual Private Network

MVPN is a virtual private network specifically designed to suit individual requirements of business customers. It connects the mobile numbers of the staff with the PBX number of the company without any extra telecom equipment, thus forming a rapid and highly efficient group mobile network through the intelligence network. Business customers may apply for MVPN, in which intra-group calls as well as certain out-group calls to designated mobile numbers and fixed lines can be made with PNP and are charged at a discounted rate.

GOC, Group Outbound Call

How can enterprises inform and gather related staff when contingency comes up and calls for emergency meetings? GOC, Group Outbound Call does it for you; it can inform everyone at the same time without delay. Through the phone that has already applied for this service, dial 581 or 0934001581 to record your voice messages, and it will send the messages to the staff on your preset group in no time.